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Why No Hot Water
Why your water heater can’t provide enough hot water or runs out of hot water quickly

Your water heater is like your car, furnace or other mechanical equipment. It has parts that wear out and can fail. Low or no hot water is a warning sign something is going wrong, an inspection can determine what is happening. The symptoms below can cause a breakdown that can make life uncomfortable for your family or cause major damage to your home. These are some issues that effect water heater performance and safety.

  • Units that are 8 years or older
  • Water leaking caused by pressure and corrosion
  • The anode rod that prevents internal rusting wears out, rust accumulates in the tank
  • Bad smelling water
  • Unusual noises coming from the unit
  • Leaks in gas water heater vents
  • Sediment, rust and scale buildup inside the tank

A layer of sediment on the bottom of your water heater will: Double energy consumption. Accelerate wear and failure of the heating element. Allow bacteria to grow that produces foul odors. Cause strange noises.

An inspection will determine what’s happening with your water heater and could prevent an emergency

Our experts will take great care of you and your water heater, we’ll listen to your input, then do a thorough inspection of your water heater. You’ll get a written report on the status of your water heater and recommendations. These are a few of the most important items included in our inspection.

  • Inspect entire unit for signs of problems
  • Inspect valve operation and safety pressure release valve
  • Inspect burner operation
  • Inspect gas venting for leaks
  • Test the expansion tank
  • Test incoming house water pressure
  • Inspect chimney sump
  • Tag important emergency shutoff valves
Water Heater Problems
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Each year, 8 percent of households replace a water heater

Between 7 million and 7.8 million water heaters are replaced in the United States annually.* Inspections can help reduce the number of premature water heater failures. Replacement could be far less and the amount of energy used to power water heaters could be reduced.


Water heater inspection

Cold winter weather adds even more stress on your water heater. The water that supplies your water heater is colder. Your water heater needs to work harder to heat water and it adds stress to internal parts. Now’s the perfect time make sure everything is working as it should, especially if you’re experiencing some of the symptoms described above. Schedule your water heater inspection now! Call us at 484-854-2803.

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We guarantee you'll be thrilled!

We stand behind our work 100%. You can count on our team of skilled plumbers and HVAC techs to provide you with an accurate diagnosis, options for repair, upfront pricing and professional service for your Norristown area home. Our friendly staff treats you like family. No pushy salesmen, you have our word on it!

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Does your existing water heater need to be repaired?

We’re Norristown area water heater repair experts! Call or schedule an appointment online. We’ll send a water heater professional to your home to diagnose what the problem is. We’ll fully explain what’s happening and you’ll get options on how to fix the problem.

Do you need to replace your water heater?

We’re Norristown area water heater replacement experts! There are many different water heater solutions available today, we’ll help you get the correct one. We consider your individual needs and make sure your new water heater matches your usage.

  • How many people occupy the house?
  • Was the old water heater capacity sufficient?
  • How many showers or baths are in the home?
  • Are there any high usage fixtues or appliances being used (multi showerhead baths)?
  • Are there peak usage times when a dishwasher, washing machine and showers / bath are used at the same time?
  • Do you frequently have ovenight house guests or people who stay with you for extended periods of time?

We take take care of all the details

We make sure you get the most from your new water heater, it’s installed correctly and up to code.

  • We take care of permits and inspections as needed
  • We remove and recycle your old water heater
  • Thorough leak check and operation test
  • Complete clean-up of the work area
  • Review operation with you, answer all questions and explain warranty